Third Package:
Consulting on ad-hoc projects

This package provides tailored consulting. The package is constructed around the clients’ needs

The list of services includes:

Consulting on academic research

The service includes reviewing recently released academic and policy-oriented papers and the possible implications for the Fed/ECB staff framework and forecast

Consulting on time-series econometrics

We develop ad-hoc models tailored around the client needs.

Requesting a presentation on ad-hoc subjects

We deliver ad-hoc presentations on a variety of subjects (i.e. the evolution of the FOMC reaction function, the flattening of the Phillips curve, etc)

Want something more tailored?

We provide tailored consulting on ad-hoc projects.


Trezzi consulting is a Swiss registered firm that offers independent economic and statistical consulting services. Trezzi consulting does not have access to any classified information of any central bank, including the Federal Reserve. All econometric and statistical models included in the packages are either developed in-house or they are based on publicly available documents such as papers and notes.