Discover our consultancy offers

We offer a variety of services, including model based real-time statistical and econometric analyses, and ad-hoc consultancy.

first package

inflation modelling and forecasting

This package offers the output of estimated and calibrated econometric models to monitor and forecast medium-term price and wage inflation

second package

consulting on
Fed-related topics

This package provides guidance on models technical aspects, Fed-related news and material, and academic research

third package

consulting on
ad-hoc projects

This package provides tailored consulting. The package is constructed around the clients’ needs

What to expect

An update every time a model is run and sends a new signal of particular relevance.

The “Shadow forecast” and the "Pre-FOMC package" delivered about 10 days before each FOMC meeting.

Periodic meetings tailored around the Client needs to discuss the models output and the inflation outlook.

Want something more tailored?

We provide tailored consulting on ad-hoc projects.


Trezzi consulting is a Swiss registered firm that offers independent economic and statistical consulting services. Trezzi consulting does not have access to any classified information of any central bank, including the Federal Reserve. All econometric and statistical models included in the packages are either developed in-house or they are based on publicly available documents such as papers and notes.